Your Life is the culmination of a series of choices
that have led you to this very spot.

Everything is about choice – your interactions,
your experience, your reactions and responses.
Believe it or not, you are always in the driver seat.
You can’t control the actions of others,
but you can control how you react to them.

And in this moment, you can turn left or right or turn around
and head in a new direction, whenever you want.
The question is: Where do you want to go?

Does that question cause you to pause?
Perhaps a bit of anxiety is creeping up as you consider it?
Or maybe you know where you want to go,
but fear and doubt are holding you back?

I have discovered this simple and powerful idea –
you have this one life to live and
it is your responsibility to live yours fully
& intentionally.

You see, we all are born into this world and we will all die.
The space in between is Your Life.
Let’s make it the best one possible.

The tapestry of My Life includes me as a
marketing strategist, yogi, dancer, writer
end-of-life-care practitioner, facilitator,
moon-gazer and planet-observer,
and most recently, as therapist.

My work is how we connect to our hearts.
Cultivating, first, a heart-centred relationship with self.
And then with others, our business/work, and our communities.
It is about how to connect in a healthy, authentic, and
fulfilling way so that we may courageously live and die well.