Your Life is the culmination of a series of choices that have led you to this very spot. Everything is about choice – your interactions, your experience, your reactions and responses. You are always in the driver seat. And in this moment, you can turn left or right or turn around and head in a new direction, whenever you want. The question is: Where do you want to go?

We all are born into this world and we will all die. The space in between is Your Life.  My work is focused on holding space for people to explore, heal and grow.

The tapestry of My Life as a marketing strategist, yogi, writerend-of-life-care practitioner, facilitator, activist/advocate for women’s rights, and therapist.

My work is how we #connecttotheheart, our Truth, our place of healing. Cultivating a heart-centred relationship with ourself, our work and with others so we can live a healthy, authentic, and fulfilling life.