The Story of My Life Told One Week in Review at a Time

Week in Review Highlights: #summerlove continues… Mindful Mondays begin Worked all long weekend but now enjoying nearly 2 weeks off! Choir night (listen to us sing Hooked on a Feeling) Going even lighter with the hair (an ongoing effort to go from very dark brown to blonde) Book Club discussion – Week 5 of 7 […]



Five Cliches that are Truth

As you navigate this world, there are certain truths you discover. Often they arrive masked as cliché, but you start to recognize it as truth. Cliché being those overused phrases that seem to lack originality, but perhaps for a reason.   1. Life is short, make the most of it.  Well guess what? It’s true. […]

Mindful Monday!

  It’s Mindful Monday! A new bi-monthly series on the blog to talk about the growing trend of mindfulness, being present and aware, and meditation. Yes, it is a growing trend. I remember doing my first experiential book club – A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook – the topic was certainly not new but it wasn’t as […]



The Story of My Life Told One Week in Review at a Time

For your life to be a magnificent story, realize you’re the author and every day is a new page.  Week in Review Highlights:   Hard drive crash fixed – computer is back to almost new. Things I’m Loving post Meditation Club August newsletter sent Choir! Choir! Choir! practice – Tears for Fears song was sang Just a […]

Things I’m Loving

Things I’m Loving: July edition   July was all about #SummerLove. It was about sunshine, pretty things, and playfulness.   Pretty summer manicures   Playlists from Positively Present.   Random and ridiculous snapchats with my daughter   Book Club and Technical Issues   Lots of afternoons at the park   It was birthday celebrations   It was about […]