at the heart of the matter

Our relationships can define us.
They help us grow and can limit us.
They lift us up or can tear us down.
They can help us see the magic and wonder in the world.

Who we are in relationship define our character.

Are you loyal? reliable? consistent? loving?
the communicator? the jokester? the light? the dark?

What can we learn about ourselves from how we are in relation to others?
How can we uncover our wounds from our interactions with others?
How can we heal?
How do we connect with our selves and others?

How do you relate to Self, to others, to your market,
to your employees, to your community, to the world at large?


At first glance my interests and experience may seem disparate:
marketing strategist, yogi, end-of-life-care practitioner,
writer, and therapist/coach. How do these things relate?

My work is how we connect to our hearts whether that is
with ourselves, as a business/organization, or with our mortality.
It is about how to connect in a healthy, authentic, and
fulfilling way so that we may courageously live well.