Lessons in… dating   Recently updated !

So I mentioned I may have run off to Mexico because of hope lost. Anyone who has been dating awhile will probably appreciate the story. You meet someone you like, you have similar values and can talk and seem to connect, and then something goes awry. The reasons change but […]



October Blessings, Goals, and Intentions   Recently updated !

It’s time for pumpkin lattes, soups and stews, and hot apple cider. That time of the year when we start to grab for sweaters and scarfs and, even though we aren’t quite ready, don shoes instead of sandals. The signs for Thanksgiving turkeys are out. The colours are changing. The […]

Lessons in… reclaiming self

It’s been a long journey from there to here. I thought if I allowed myself to feel the grief that it would overwhelm me. I wouldn’t be able to put a lid back on it if I opened that specific pandora’s box. It was easier to push those emotions down […]



Lessons in… facing our fears

I made an impulsive decision to go to Mexico for the September¬†long weekend. Five days to snorkel, sit on the beach and write. I think I was running away from hope lost but that’s another story. I found myself with some extra time in Mexico City airport en route to […]