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A doula is Greek for a woman who serves. It has been used to denote one who supports another through a transitional period – most commonly birth and, more recently, death – with education and information and emotional support. She is a companion on the journey.

I support people who are transitioning through life’s major challenges and stages of life. Grief, loss, and trauma are often the most notable, but it can also be at different stages of life, hearing challenging news that affects your belief system, relationships, or when dealing with the results manifested due to early childhood traumas, like addictions.

As a therapist, I provide a safe and sacred space to explore and heal. I am someone who will listen with a non-judgemental ear. Therapy can be the safe container to examine your life, your choices, and your beliefs. I work with clients to move through the experience; to find ways to live in a more fulfilling way.


“Let the inner God that is in each one of us speak.
The temple is your body, & the priest is your heart:
it is from here that every awareness must begin.”
Alejandro Jodorowsky